Support for the Accessible Icon Project

The team at th+a seeks opportunities to improve the lives of others. We accomplish this through our design of the environment and support of social justice initiatives in an ongoing determination to enhance the wellbeing of our society.

What we put in the built environment affects its inhabitants in a myriad of ways and can disrupt, for better or worse, the way one interacts in and around the space. For us, a building in not merely a ‘building’ but an opportunity to rectify pressing issues.

That’s why we believe in The Accessible Icon Project. Described as design activism, the goal is for the icon “to be the occasion for asking questions about disability and the built environment, in the largest sense. Who has access—physically, yes, but moreover, to education, to meaningful citizenship, to political rights?...We want to see the icon stand for funding, rights provisions and guarantees, policies, and overall better conditions for people with disabilities.”

We’re committed to the Project, a more accessible world, and we’ll be striving to use the icon in every one of our projects.