At th+a, we’re a full service design firm. We offer a full array of services that constitute the built environment and help others design responsibly and sustainably.


Baylor Scott and White Health Canine Companions for Independence Canine Training Center Kinkeade Campus

Baylor Scott and White Health Canine Companions for Independence Canine Training Center Kinkeade Campus

A properly planned and designed environment is an incredibly powerful tool. When crafted to serve as an active participant in the processes which define it, a building has a remarkably measurable impact; to the point of enhancing the outcome of an inpatient stay, or improving student test scores.

The key to achieving a highly functional environment; one that works for you, not against you; lies in working with a team that is immersed in the art and science of your business.

th+a serves two specialized industries: healthcare and education. Our technical expertise in these two markets allows us to craft highly effective programs and environments for each client solutions which make the most impact on their strategic objectives with the least opportunity for risk.

Your organization is measured by results. We deliver the same standard for your facilities.


Cabell Elementary, DISD

Cabell Elementary, DISD

Interior design is integral to any project's success, no matter the size, and may be measured in both visual appeal and practicality of use. When done correctly, the interior design of a space will lend productivity, flexibility and comfort to the user both now and far into the future.

th+a's team of interior designers are experts in creating interior spaces which are a reflection of our two specialized industries: healthcare and education. We collaborate with our clients to marry this expertise with a design vision which cultivates innovation and contextual elegance reflective of the client's goals and objectives.


UCLA Early Care and Education Center

UCLA Early Care and Education Center

Our clients trust us to make the most of their financial, physical and human capital, and to pair their vision with rigorous research, insightful techniques and sustainable opportunities. This responsibility demands a thorough understanding of each client's business case and target destination, and the ability to synthesize that knowledge into highly effective programs and environments.

Great solutions depend upon incisive questions. This is why we employ careful attention and pointed inquiry throughout each planning exercise. Whether we are assisting clients with organizational strategy, completing a master planning project or simply devising a phased approach to construction, we understand which questions to ask to gain a rich and complex understanding of project drivers.

Equipped with that knowledge, our team then rigorously explores available options, and provides suggestions and examples of industry best practices to help inform the dialogue. Each idea is shared, critiqued and ultimately evaluated by the team and the client. From there, we guide the client to a solution that meets, and frequently exceeds, their stated goals and vision.

Put simply, we give each client a solidly-grounded basis for making prudent decisions that support the client's true goals - whether those are related to business, quality of care or quality of life.


Blair Elementary School, DISD

Blair Elementary School, DISD

Environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of our practice. As architects, we recognize the significant influence we have on the built environment as it relates not only to the quality of one's experience within the space, but also to the health of the building's occupants.

In recognition of the influence that architects and design professionals have on the built environment, th+a is committed to providing professional services that promote sustainability and that have a quantitative impact on the quality of the environment. Nowhere is the impact of sustainable design more profound than in facilities for children and patients. Our team of LEED Accredited Professionals includes licensed architects and designers who are experts in evaluating and designing environments that will enhance the quality of life for our communities. We believe that incorporating cost-effective, sustainable solutions into the design process should be a goal on every project, regardless of contract requirements.

In each project we must advance our clients strategic objectives, provide the end users with a high quality of life in every aspect of the building and make judicious use of materials and systems. For this reason we strive to constantly understand the impact of our choices, in both the solutions we provide to our clients and the manner in which we operate our business.


Our Friends Place

Our Friends Place

Our services power well-executed capital campaigns. To foster community support and inspire a base of loyal donors, a capital campaign must effectively demonstrate the integrity of an opportunity. Our understanding of a project's history, design solutions and stakeholders makes th+a a uniquely valuable development resource.

Our firm's leadership, architectural team and graphic designers work closely with you to plan and execute a wide range of development strategies. Our approach to these campaigns is straightforward: diligent research, compelling visuals and a streamlined design demonstrate your responsible stewardship of the organization's resources.

We provide:

  • Plans, renderings, 3-D models and computer animations;

  • Brand identity design;

  • Information for grant submissions;

  • Research, copywriting and layout design of fundraising collateral; and,

  • Fundraising presentations, including graphic design and development of key talking points.

Most importantly, we also participate in presentations, stakeholder meetings and site tours alongside our clients, to help explain the design, answer questions and ignite excitement.