Baylor University Medical Center Roberts Hospital Operating Rooms

Dallas, TX

th+a completed the renovation of 26 operating rooms at Baylor University Medical Center.

Project goals include maximizing the available procedure space, providing a flexible environment with equipment capable of supporting a range of functional requirements, and accommodating future changes in technology and equipment.

While studying the orientation, spatial and functional requirements for the operating room activities and equipment, the design team worked with medical center staff to create a full operating room mock-up. The process helped identify key areas of need and incorporate unique design solutions, such as a flexible surgical command station; for each operating room.

Another innovation was the design of a vertical, stainless steel utility core shaft for each room. Multiple wall-mounted doors provide direct access to wiring, allowing for rapid adjustment to technological changes through equipment upgrades instead of extensive renovations. The renovation includes the addition of a state-of-the-art da Vinci minimally invasive, robotic surgical system.