Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas

City of Dallas

Dallas, TX

th+a architects is working with the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas and the City of Dallas to provide a new unified standard of restroom facilities on the campus of a convention center. The convention center has had multiple growth expansions since its inception in 1957, which has created a series of restrooms that are distinctly different and lacking in consistency.  Additionally, all new restrooms will conform to ADA/TAS requirements, building codes, current standards in the industry, as well as creating more comfortable and classic facilities that perform better and are easier to maintain.

Of major significance in the development of this project is the phasing and management of the renovation work. Due to the heavy events schedule on the KBHCCD campus, the A+E team will work carefully with the Owner to maintain essential operations during each phase of the renovation process, as it is critical to provide minimal disruption to each event-holder during their rental of the facility