St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Youth Center

St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church needed to expand in order to accommodate the church’s growth. Their new 11,300 square foot youth center is a space dedicated for camaraderie, recreation and service for the young members of the church and includes classrooms, a large café for socializing, and a stage/performance area.

The design of the center takes a circular shape, formed via movable walls, which will allow the space to expand and contract as needed. The café area features movable seating and a snack bar where the youth can commune, snack and hold small gatherings. The stage area is designed with sophisticated sound and lights systems to enhance productions and musical performances.

The entire space makes use of the most up-to-date technologies with wireless internet available throughout the center, multiple LCD monitors to show schedules for events and digital photo frames to display photos
from events. Three catechesis rooms adjacent to the youth center provide students a place to study the history of their church.